$18.6 Million Economic Impact

Arts Alive! collected surveys from 36 arts and cultural organizations across the Monadnock region. Their collective economic impact on our community totals $18.6 million. This money goes to supporting jobs, fueling businesses, funding local and state government, and more.

659 Jobs Created

Arts & Culture organizations and the spending by their audiences support 659 jobs in the Monadnock region. From employees at the organizations to jobs supported by organizational & audience spending, that's a big deal!

$31.64 Avg. Audience Spending

When an individual comes to the Monadnock region to see a show or attend an event, they spend an average of $31.64 on other things in the community - from food to lodging, gas and souvenirs. Arts & culture events drive local spending!

89% of nonlocal audiences say arts brought them Here

Arts are a tourism driver. When 89% of audience members from outside the region say the arts and culture event they are attending was the thing that brought them here - what a great reason to build partnerships between the arts & tourism sectors!

$1.9 Million State & Local Government Revenue

Local and State governments are earning money from this economic impact. $1.9 million in revenue come due to arts & culture activities in the region.

Tools for you

Arts Alive! collects research & data from various sources. Check it out here:

Thank you!

To the community that made this data collection possible - all 36 arts organizations, 961 audience members who filled out surveys, and the countless volunteers who collected all the surveys and prodded organizations to participate over the course of the year. Its not to late to join us - now that the data is collected, help us share it!

The Arts Mean Business. That is the message being delivered today by Arts Alive!, releasing data from the Arts & Economic Prosperity® 5, a national study measuring the economic impact of nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences. The research study is being conducted by Americans for the Arts, the nation’s nonprofit organization advancing the arts and arts education. It is the fifth study over the past 20 years to measure the impact of arts spending on local jobs, income paid to local residents, and revenue generated to local and state governments.

As one of nearly 300 study partners across all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Arts Alive! collected detailed financial data about our local nonprofit arts and culture organizations such as our theater and dance companies, museums, festivals, and arts education organizations. 

Arts Alive! is asked partner organizations to collect surveys from attendees at arts events using a short, anonymous questionnaire that asks how much money they spent on items such as meals, parking and transportation, and retail shopping specifically as a result of attending the event. Arts are generating important revenue for local businesses and demonstrating how the arts drive revenue for other businesses in the community.