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cultural tourism & our Economy

When you go out to a show, a festival, take in a concert, go to a movie - do you always go straight to the event and back home? Many people will make detours to local stores, restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations. Some even hire babysitters. And it helps drive the local economy!

IN FACT Arts Alive! found in recent study that arts & culture audiences spend an average of $28 per person in local businesses when they go out for an arts or cultural event. When The Colonial Theatre in Keene hosts a show that sells out, that's about $25,000 in spending in our local community in ONE NIGHT (not including what audiences are paying for tickets).

Arts Alive!, in partnership with several other organizations, has invested to develop a website, brochure, newsletter, and social media presence where visitors and locals can check out arts & culture events and look for other places to visit (and spend money) while they're out on the town.

Discover Monadnock is a fantastic tool to market NH's Cultural Corner and drive local economy growth. The season we launched the website, the Monadnock region saw a 14% spike in spending at hotels and restaurants. That's some serious growth!

In 2018, we plan to launch a marketing campaign to expand our reach and grow participation in local arts events & the local economy. Join us in growing the local economy through leveraging the spending of arts & culture audiences!


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Check out our newsletter of happenings & events!

Check out our newsletter of happenings & events!

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