Membership in Arts Alive!

We welcome Arts & Cultural Organizations and Independent Artists and Makers to become members of Arts Alive! The primary benefits would be to officially belong to the region's arts support organization and to help participate in sustaining an organization that advocates for and enriches the arts community. Additionally, with community buy-in Arts Alive! can leverage untapped grant funding by showing funders that not only are we serving a need, but that the community we serve values us. 

For Arts & Cultural Organizations

We are asking arts and cultural organizations and businesses for $100 to become members. Perks include local and statewide advocacy for the arts, access to research information, educational opportunities, and promotional opportunities to build audiences. Membership would renew annually. 

For Artists

We are asking artists for $15 to become members. Perks would include Artist to Artist seminars, social gatherings, events, and local and statewide advocacy for artists. Membership would be renewed annually. Charter artist members include: Dominique Boutaud, Linda Carroll, Lee Dunholter, Craig Stockwell, Jeanne Thieme, Richard Whitney, Mary Armstrong, Soosen Dunholter, Peter Roos, Pamela Dexter, Heather Reid Barratt,  Camella Azzaro, Carol, Lake, David Bulger, Linda Greenwood, Allison Barrows, David Bulger, Lee Schuette, Kristina Wentzell, Masaki Schuette, Linda Dessaint, Robert Seaman, Jeani Eismont, George Beauregard, Marcy Schepker, Mary Iselin, Lyn Falcone, Cindy Heath, Mary DesRosiers, Mary Cornog, Rostislav Eismont, Madeline Ulrich, Jessica Gelter, Maureen Ahern, Carol Landry, Jennifer Gildner-Blinn, Peter Harris, and Erika Radich.

Patrons, Friends, Supporters

If Arts, Culture, and Creative Community matter to you, join us as a member. No need to be a maker or presenter or creative to join our community. If you value the impact of the Monadnock Region's cultural climate, become a member today!

Patrons, Friends, Supporters

What have we done to serve the Arts & Culture community?

Programs we have managed, developed, or partnered on in the past year include:

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