Artist Spotlight: Montroller

This month, we're pleased to spotlight artist, Chris Casey - aka Montroller. Please enjoy!

So Chris, tell us about yourself and your art. I’ve been into art for as long as I can remember. I had drawn a solid repertoire of trains and construction equipment by preschool, when other kids struggled to hold a marker and stay within the lines. By first grade I had managed to take every cardboard backing off my parent’s notebook pads--and any other scraps of cardboard I could find--to sit down in front of the TV, armed with a brush and a set of poster paints. It was there that I would follow along closely, as Bob Ross took me step by step through his legendary paintings. I amassed quite the stock pile of those signature artworks.

During that time, I was also beginning to notice something new: paint in places it seemingly shouldn’t have existed. Paint was on buildings, on the side of the highway, under bridges and on walls…I didn’t fully understand what it was, or why it was there, yet I was captivated by it’s large and colorful style.

As the years passed, I spent large amounts of time outside exploring, either on my bike or by foot. Sometimes it was in the city or train yards, other times it was in the vast depths of the wilderness. Seeing the world as the sun sets and rises lends itself to a further appreciation of light and color.

Tell us about the name... Montroller. The name itself - Montroller is a nod to the days of anonymity. When magic happens under the veil of secrecy and no one is the wiser. It also may have been a mistaken attempt at relaying the name of a DJ to a friend. The product of which had a ring too good to give up. 

My work combines the movement and vivid elements of street art while lending itself to the appreciation of the natural world. The bird is a constant in Montroller art works. Birds exist in all facets of life and can bridge the gap between the urban setting and the wild, unexplored frontiers.

The Monadnock Region has been welcoming to me as an artist. I've shown at both the Keene and Brattleboro Art Walks, The Production House, the former Armadillos burrito joint, and on several occasions, Prime Roast Coffee Company - which is always welcoming of new and returning artist. 

Look for his work hanging up around the region or follow Chris on Facebook for new pieces and information. Everything listed with a price is for sale and custom works are always available. For further info contact Chris at: