Civic Engagement

This is a list of tips on advocacy and civic engagement gleaned from the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce Regional Issues Series event on Advocacy and Public Policy. Get involved!

Start a relationship with your elected officials

  • There are 24 individuals representing Cheshire County in the NH House of Representatives. NH has one of the biggest representative bodies in the world, which means they have a greater capacity to build relationships with their constituents.

  • Give them Data, anecdotes or examples, and your personal experiences.

  • Consolidate your information so it is easily digestible.Remember the 3 b’s: Bullets, Bold headlines, and Brief.

Check your timing

  • Bills get submitted between November to the end of December. If there is something you’d like to see, contact your representative in that time period.

  • Keep up to date on what’s happening: Hearings, committee meetings, public feedback, and votes.

Show up, don’t be invisible:

  • Public Hearings on bills are open to anyone - attend and show your support.

  • Call your representative’s office and speak with whomever will listen.

  • Invite them to visit you - representatives love to visit their constituents on location to better understand who they are representing.

Your local chamber of commerce is an excellent resource for learning more and building an advocacy group that can have a greater impact on the issues important to you.

US Senate

Jeanne Shaheen represents the Monadnock Region in the US Senate. She is on the Small Business Committee and on the Appropriations Committee. Reach out to her  and tell her what supports you’d like as a small business owner. And remember to let her know that funding for arts & culture is essential for our region. Arts, Culture, & Creative economy support over 2,500 jobs in our region.

Good Luck!