Artist Spotlight: Meg Rogers

We had the pleasure recently to talk to Meg Rogers of Keene about her, her art, and her aspirations for the future. Please enjoy!

Meg's Artist Statement:

Meg Rogers practices art as an expression of her soul.  With a belief that all humans are here to fulfill a purpose and a role, Meg sees life experiences as opportunities for practice in the pursuit of spiritual freedom. She believes life is an expression of the divine and seeks to create images and experiences that bring joy to others and make her soul smile while creating. Her surreal, joyful and sometimes sensual pictures, painted walls and objects express the beauty that is created even in the darkest spaces. Meg manifests her divine energy, using a unique visual language of spiritual symbols, bright colors and ambiguous shapes, to spread a message of authenticity, self-realization and gratitude.

I use traditional painting and drawing techniques mixed with street art techniques to create unique pieces, murals and am now currently working on the development of a bag / bag-pack line, bringing my art into functional products. 

Please explain your commitment to the arts in the Monadnock Region.

While I am actually just about to move back to the Caribbean for awhile, I see myself having a continued relationship with NH and the Monadnock region, Keene in particular! My ultimate goal is live in Keene 1/2 the year and in the Caribbean for the colder months (my heart lives in the warmth!). I am already planning to come back to Keene in the spring for 1 month to create work for Mural Month again, along with other projects in town that are currently in the works.

Are you a collaborative artist? How so? How do you work with artists and arts related organizations?

Sure am!  I collaborate with brands (including Rhode Island's Ape & Bird) and have a couple of collaborations in the works for an upcoming mural in San Juan, Puerto Rico and drawings for an upcoming music video. Additionally I have 2 illustration projects in the works, where I am collaborating with the authors of a book and a board game.

What is your vision for the arts in the Region and the surrounding regions? And, NH/VT for that matter?! How will you work to make that happen?

I truly hope to see the arts in our region include more contemporary themes, techniques and styles. The more traditional work that comes out of our Region is absolutely amazing...stunning work, both visually and technically --There is just a lot more happening in the artworld today that is not being represented nearly as much as it could be in the art scene in our area. I think this has something to do with cultural diversity and I hope that, as our region grows and changes in that way, so will the art scene.  I plan to continue to do mural work in Keene and collaborate with FPA and Machina Arts as often as I can - they have been such gracious advocates of my work.  Additionally, a group of creative colleagues in the Dominican Republic and I are currently planning a mural festival there and, if we get appropriate funding, we are planning on sponsoring a few artists from the Monadnock Region to join the festival.

Anything else we should know, Meg?

If anyone wants to keep in the know about the mural festival or other upcoming fundraising projects, they can email me at For work and shop at meg@megrogersdesign. Instagram: @megrogersmakesthings