Artist Spotlight: Mary Armstrong

"Movement and dance help individuals express emotion and release pent up frustration".

Mary started her career as a Programmer, with a degree in Math, later shifting into Business Analysis. When her company relocated its main offices to Florida, she decided to stay in the Monadnock region, and explore something new.She now has a Master's degree from Antioch

University NewEngland in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling and works

regularly with senior populations in the Monadnock region.

"This is so important for our seniors who struggle with loneliness, dementia, and

more. I sometimes call it Social Exercise and try to make it as fun as

possible." Retirement communities she has worked with include:


Langdon Place

Castle Center


Genesis Keene Center, and more!

Mary also is an actress and singer/guitarist.She works with Alchemists' Workshop,

and was recently awarded for Best Professional Actress by the New

Hampshire Theater Awards for her performance in Lessons, a new musical about

a grandmother and retired teacher who becomes a student after a life-changing


"I love a challenge, and the opportunity to exercise my brain and body- trying on

different roles and seeing what my similarities and differences to the character

are," she says."MacGyver theater is the best - where you have to see what you

can do with what you have.Sometimes you're in a beautiful performance space

and plenty of resources, but sometimes you're in a dining hall right on top of your


One of Mary's other significant contributions to the arts community is her monthly

newsletter about all the events, arts organizations, and opportunities in and near

the Monadnock region.You can sign up to receive her newsletter by sending an

email to: