Arts Spotlight: Jeff Kolter

As a filmmaker, I adore creating experimental video art. I also get a lot out of directing and editing music videos for bands (likely because I am a musician myself). In college, outside of directing, I also focused on production design. Professionally, I've worked on many short films, music videos, and commercials for local businesses like Good Fortune Jewelry.

As a freelance filmmaker, I am primarily an editor but I've also directed, produced, worked with many other aspects in film. In my personal work, I am currently in the process of writing a short expressionistic film that focuses on the healing and maturation of an individual's universal consciousness.


In my live performances, I typically wear stage make-up, masks, wigs and expressive apparel, rich with symbolic meaning that I tend to keep to myself. I am currently playing in the band Omoo Omoo, a psych-prog instrumental band based out of Keene. It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this musical project over the last 4 years.

I am committed to the arts in the Monadnock Region and I support my fellow creators by attending local concerts when I'm able to. I also check in and discuss projects that other creative friends are working on and will help when asked. Collaboration is integral to film making, performance, and playing in a rock band (all of which is where I direct a lot of my creative energies).

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Experiencing art that explores bigger questions, provokes uncomfortable feelings, and holds a mirror up to the ugliness inside all of us, that’s something that can be really beautiful. Art has the ability to shock culture and provoke a community.

I would really like to help local organizations like Arts Alive! seek out creative individuals who wouldn't normally know how to get their provocative, honest, and disruptive work experienced. I am also providing my skills as a local film maker to help create a music video celebrating Arts Alive!'s 10 year anniversary and I am really looking forward to its inevitable presentation.

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I am excited and hopeful for the Monadnock Region and the creative culture that seems to be growing every day. I wanted to acknowledge the several small music venues that have shown up in recent years (with more to come), the Walldog's mural project, the occasional pop-up galleries, the Keene Music Festival, MONIFF, the Colonial Theatre, Keene State College, Harlow's Pub, Keene's downtown cafes, the First Friday celebrations, the Thing in the Spring, Broke Arts, and lastly organizations like Machina and Arts Alive! for supporting and cultivating the creative milieu of the area and allowing for much-needed infrastructure. There's so much happening creatively in the area and it appears to be growing rapidly. I'm feeling very optimistic for the creative future of the Monadnock Region and I am proud and honored to be a part of it.