Arts Alive! works in partnership with The Hannah Grimes Center to present Artist to Artist workshops. In these workshops presenters share tips and tricks to improve creative industry business practices - from Marketing and social media to selling platforms and copyright law, these workshops cover what artists need to know to run successful businesses.

spring 2019 workshops:

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This spring we’ve designed a series of workshops to support visual and performing artists to feel more comfortable using tools and words to promote their work. We’ll have hands on activities and workshops, as well as opportunities for feedback! Thank you to our generous sponsors of this series: Dew Construction Corporation and C & S Wholesale Grocers!

Creative Ground & NEST Grants

5pm April 3rd || Sharon Arts Gallery, Peterborough

Dee Schneidman and Morganna Becker from the New England Foundation for the Arts will provide an overview of CreativeGround, NEFA’s free online directory made up of profiles for New England cultural nonprofits like theaters and community centers, artists of all disciplines, and creative businesses like design and marketing firms. A demonstration will guide individuals and organizations through the process of creating and updating a comprehensive profile maximizing the profile’s searchability. The workshop will also demonstrate the detailed search options and the best ways to locate organizations, artists, and creative businesses engaging in specific disciplines, activities and services directed to certain populations and geographic regions. They will also talk about NEFA’s New England States Touring (NEST) Grant and how to become a NEST-eligible artist.

Landing a Dream Gig: What to Prepare

5pm April 8th || Good Fortune Jewelry, Keene

Shannon Mayers, director of the Redfern Arts Center, presents a workshop for performers. She’ll review expectations and awesome experiences in her many years as a curator for the performing arts - from dance to music to theatre to community engaged workshops and presentations. She will guide participants through what makes a killer pitch to a venue, and how to deliver it to in the most professional way. Get noticed and get gigs!

Public Speaking About Your Work

5pm May 15th || Thorne Sagendorph Gallery, Keene

Lisa Sieverts, business coach, contradance maven, and a driving force behind traditional music presenter Monadnock Folklore Society, leads a workshop on tricks and tips to get more comfortable talking about your work in public settings - from networking situations like open studios to opportunities to hold the spotlight, like giving an artist talk. Lisa will also review the practice of sketch noting to help you have a guide for the ideas you’d like to talk about. The best take-away from this workshop - you’ll get tips on how to get out of your own way and not be AS nervous when speaking in front of a group.

Biophilic Design: grants and partnership opportunities around wellbeing & art installations

Date and Time TBA mid June || Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurs, Keene

The Center for Population Health at Cheshire Medical Center is exploring a program to support the integration of natural elements into worksite through Biophilic Design.  “Biophilia”, the theory that connection with the natural environment improves wellbeing, is the foundation of this program. This program is an extension of an existing program, Wellpowered Worksites, which provides local employers support, resources and grants to improve the wellbeing of their employees.

The first step in this process is to create a catalog of items that meet the design elements of biophilic and are offered at a variety of budget options for businesses to purchase.  A component of this catalog could feature local artist’s work that businesses could purchase using grant funds. Examples of biophilic design range from simple, such as potted plants to large scale water features.  

Tammy Dwyer, from the Center for Population Health, will give a brief talk on biophilic design.  Taryn Fisher will then host a discussion between three artists who work in different media to share ideas on how their work could be integrated into biophilic design in an office setting.  The conversation will inspire and engage artists in our community to submit work to the catalog, as well as, provide Tammy with information on what types of art could be created to support this exploratory program.

Putting Words to your Work: Artist Statements to Artist Talks

We’re still working out details for this one! Stay tuned!

past workshops:

Deepening the Work

Sometimes it’s important to make time and space to dig deeper into your artistic practice and make time to develop your work. This workshop series explores opportunities for that!

  • Getting the most out of Peer Critique

November 28th 9:30-11:30am || The Studio of Craig Stockwell, Keene, NH

Presented by Craig Stockwell, artist and low residency MFA director at NH Institute of Art

When done well, peer critique can be an inspiring and engaging way to develop your work, get to know your community of fellow artists, and think deeper about how you create and why. Craig Stockwell gently guides this workshop group through some simple steps to make the peer critique process constructive - from the questions you ask and assumptions you make, to the language you use and the way you notice detail. Participants are encouraged to bring work ready for peer feedback to this event for some hands-on learning.

  • How can grants get you to the next level

November 15 9-10:45am || At the Sharon Arts Gallery, Peterborough

Presented by Ginnie Lupi, artist and director of the NH State Council on the Arts

How great would it be to get free money to make your art, connect with your community, get that extra training that you need to create something spectacular… But nothing is totally free. Grant writing and research takes work. Ginnie Lupi, of the NH State Council on the Arts, also an artist herself, shares what she has learned about grants, funding opportunities, and the best tactics to apply for funding that will take you and your art to the next level.

  • Getting ready for fine art galleries

October 29 10:30-12:30 || At the Home of Erika Radich, Spofford

Presented by Jim Giddings & Petria Mitchell, artists and owners of Mitchell Giddings Gallery

Jim Giddings and Petria Mitchell, both professional artists, opened a fine art gallery four years ago in downtown Brattleboro, Vermont. Hear their stories and gallery experiences. Engage in a discussion regarding how they work with and support artists.

  • Residencies - quality time with your work

October 10 10-11:30am || At the Library at MacDowell Colony, Peterborough

Presented by David Macy, resident director of MacDowell Colony

Artists are invited to one of the oldest artist residency campuses in the country to hear about and discuss the values of and how to utilize an artist residency. There are many residency models - from self-created to competitive high profile opportunities - but what are the important things to you, your work, and your growth? Learn more with the resident director of MacDowell Colony.

Telling your Story: Connecting in an Isolating World

Being able to talk about yourself and tell your story is the most successful way to find inspiration, build community, develop relationships, and sell or book your work. This year Arts Alive! presents a series of workshops dedicated to telling your story in different ways.

  • Writing an artist statement & Giving an Artist Talk

Saturday, April 14th, 10am-4pm || Presented by Katherine Ferrier of the Womens Rural Entreprenurial Network

This will be a held in Peterborough, NH at Soosen Dunholter's Studio

  • Connecting your work with your personal brand - creating a visualized and values based brand for an artist

Thursday, May 10th, 5:30-7pm || with branding artist Peter Harris

This will be held in Keene, NH at the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurs

  • Photographing your work & Building a home studio to createimages that share your vision, inspiration, and values

Saturday & Sunday, May 19-20th, midday || Presented by Charley Freiberg

This 2-day workshop will be hosted at the Hannah Grimes Center in partnership with Monadnock Area Artists Association. There is limited registration.

  • Using Social Media to express your artistic vision, inspiration, and process

Wednesday, June 5th, 5-6:30pm || Presented by Stacy Najanski of Great Brook Media

This will be held at the Cynthia Reeves Gallery in Walpole, NH

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