Artist Spotlight: The Schepker Family

The arts is a family affair for The Schepker Family in Harrisville, New Hampshire. Hans, Marcy, and their son Adam each work in the arts in some capacity, and each have their own unique styles and use their own mediums for expressing their creativity. They have lived in the Monadnock Region for over 40 years, and in the Harrisville area for 30 years. They have established studios and are pleased to be in such a strong region with a number of great communities.

Whether it's working in his studio or travelling to schools all over the country, Hans

Schepker considers himself a teaching artist and experiences art by doing."My art

is of a mathematical nature. I do it because I enjoy it and feel that it is inspiring

people - young and old - to look at mathematics in a new and possibly enlightening

way.All my stained glass work is based on numbers. They come in any form from

just counting the pieces of glass in an object to calculated surfaces, be it in 2D, 3D

or 4D in 3-space".See what we mean at and

experience his multi-dimensional world of mathematics and art.

Marcy Schepker enjoys building bridges between people and the community

through the arts and bringing out individual potential."Integrating arts into life, and

creating a vibrant cultural landscape is central to what I strive for", she says.She is a

teaching artist, focusing on needle felted tapestries. Thus, she is a tapestry weaver,

soft toy maker, clothing designer, and community person with over 40 years of

experience as a weaver and teacher.She moves color and texture and uses

recycled materials as much as possible at her studio, called Pear Tree Studio.See

more at

Adam Schepker considers himself a sculptor first and foremost.But, for his day job

works in the woodshop making looms at Harrisville Designs. He shared, "growing up,

arts was a major element in my Waldorf school's curriculum. I didn't have a TV and I

didn't have lots of neighbors to play with each day after school.So, I found myself

with a few local friends outside in Mother Nature's playground, bending the

interpretation of what a playground is."PLAY", this word is at the heart of what I

strive to portray or encourage with my work/sculptures. I make large participatory

sculptures out of either; wood, stone, or metal. I try to make sculptures that bring a

joyful sense of play to everyone focusing more on adults. I feel adults lose their

childhood sense of fun and joy due to their focus on adult responsibilities, and some

strange code of conduct that many adults feel tied to". He has a studio in his home;

a farmhouse built in the 1850's.

The Schepkers experience the arts by participating, educating and creating.

Perhaps, arguably their biggest contribution to the arts is their summer arts program

for children and teens called "Immersion in the Arts". The students/campers work in

each of their three studios everyday for up to two weeks.Adam teaches wood and

stone carving, Hans teaches stained glass fusing/slumping/soldering and origami,

and Marcy teaches needle felting and other fiber arts."We also take the kids out into

the community for creative and socially enriching field trips", Adam shared. For more

information or to find out how your child can be involved,


The Schepker Family are extremely talented artists and educators who each have

received acclaim for their craft throughout their respective careers.Both Marcy and

Hans are state-juried members of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and

roster artists for the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, among other

commendations. They are pleased to call the Monadnock region and Harrisville their

home and we are pleased to share a small sample of them with you.Be sure to

check out their studios or reach out to them directly for more information.

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